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Antonina Single Vineyard

Malbec 2019

93 points - Descorchado Wine Guide

$347.40 per case (12 bottles) + HST and bottle deposit.

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We are thrilled to introduce this highly awarded, delicious wine to Ontario wine connoisseurs.  Very limited quantities.


A group of childhood friends were looking for a place to enjoy each others’ company and some good wine together.  They found the perfect piece of land in Valle de Uco, planted Malbec grapes on the premium terroir and 4 years later, after much hard work and tenaciousness, had their first harvest.  And thus Antonina was born from the will and desire to make the best single vineyard Malbec. They brought on renowned winemaker Felipe Stahlschmidt, former chief winemaker at Pascual Toso and currently head winemaker at Familia Milan. For Felipe, this was an exciting project: vinify the most noble Malbec from a single vineyard. Felipe firmly believes that great wines faithfully represent the terroir of the vineyard where they were grown.  Today, the original group of friends, and their families, and their friends can all enjoy this exceptional Malbec.  

Tasting Note:  Antonina is a very intense coloured wine. It manifests itself with blues and purple, always strong, dark, thus expressing the bravery of its character. Aromatically, it delivers notes of violets, tea, floral and a strong fruit presence. On the mouth, it has a fruity entry of plum, black fruits and berries, with a strong volume, quite intense, and a long finish. It supports an intense tannic structure, with different layers of flavours that appear as the wine oxygenates, while we discover with each glass enjoyed. The intensity with which Antonina expresses itself is undoubtedly a declaration of quality that represents the great Argentine Malbec. 14.5% alc./vol.


Valle de Uco, Mendoza


NAjMA Prosecco DOC Brut.png

NAjMA Prosecco DOC Brut 

$137.70 per case (6 bottles) + HST and bottle deposit.

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NAjMA is a family-owned Prosecco and wine producer, tucked away in a stunning area, set between the exquisite land-locked lagoons of Venice and the grand Carnic Alps, in the province of Pordenone. The lush vineyards bear witness to the long-standing family tradition of over 200 years of passionate effort and endless love. The winery has the Italian Sustainability Certificate (SQNPI), obtained in recognition of the low impact viticultural techniques adopted and for the respect paid to the environment. Elisabetta and 2 of her children manage the estate.  We are fortunate to introduce this outstanding, elegant Prosecco - a more affordable but no less worthy sparkling wine.

Tasting Note: Star-bright straw yellow, fine and persistent perlage, Najma Brut represents the most straightforward and linear expression of our territory. Clear and incisive on the nose, it offers a range of fragrant aromas of freshly ripe white fruit on a floral background of wisteria and wildflowers, to then develop into vegetal hints, with fresh citrus notes. On the palate the taste is dry, with leaps into freshness. Delicately savoury. The slightly almondy finish closes the sip with pleasant persistence. Excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with seafood appetizers, deep fried and fatty fish, first courses with vegetables. Its delicately mineral structure makes it ideal for the whole meal.  100% Glera. 11% alc./vol.





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